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What we are working on... 
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I've been playing/using this app for about 2 weeks... totally become addicted! Love this game. Bought everything, completed everything. Now there is so much more that I see wanting added/updated to it. Here as just a few that I would no doubt easily pay for...

Red Earth Clay
Glass (true transparency – choose from crystal, amber, blue, green, or rose colored glass)
Wood (wood grain affects coloration)
Recovered: Sunken (algae and barnacle encrusted top layer, mute brushes and colors below)
Recovered: Archealogical Find (strong fractures, cracks, broken/missing sections, holes, etc)
Brick Texture
Leather Wrapped (cannot be colored – only ‘stamped’ with the brushes)

Graffitti (spray can style over-large pictograms)
Celtic II (because there are SO many more Celtic designs! Include Scottish tartans and blue woad designs)
French (French art, café/bistro inspired settings)
Polynesian (Hawaaiin/Fijian/Island inspired, big tribal heads, grass skirts, leis, ets)
Industrial (bolt heads, screw heads, grinder scratch, rivets, grommets, sewing needle holes, torch burn, circuitry, gears and mechanisms, etc)
Gradients II (gradients without hard definitive edges)
Animal (Leopard spot, tiger stripe, dog paw print, claw marks, bite marks, zebra print, fish scale, etc)
Holiday Pack I (Various religious Holday and celebrated days decorations. ie: Christmas, Valentines, etc) – Limited time availability.
Holiday Pack II (Because there will be lots of special celebration days to choose from) – Limited time availability
Seasonal (SPRING – bright flowers, green leaves, birds, etc SUMMER – Sun, heat distortions, beach balls, sea shells, etc, AUTUMN – various types of colorful leaves, harvest foods, pumpkins and squashes, etc WINTER – snow flake patterns, icy designs, snowy scenes, etc)
Native American (totem inspired pieces – raven, orca, etc)
European: Medieval Era (5th-15th century inspired designs)
European: Renaissance Era (15th – 17th century inspired designs)
European: Victorian Era (18th – 19th century inspired designs)
Gothic (Dark renaissance designs)
Sports (various balls and sporting equipment, field markings, ‘sporty’ fonts, scoreboards, etc)
Astral (space related imagery – star fields, moon phases, galaxies and nebulae, etc)
Zodiac (the 12 signs)
Elemental ( the 4 North American and 5 Asian elements)
Garden (various flowers, because there can never be enough roses, lilies, carnations, tulips, daisies, and bird-of-paradises in pottery!)
Country Kitsch (flowers, ducks, horses, plaids, faded denim, etc)
Paisley (selection of paisley and paisley variants)
Cartographer (selection of ancient/old/modern maps, compasses, mapping tools, travel-lines, etc)
Music (collection of sheet music symbols – notes, treble clef, etc)
Futuristic (‘glowing’ lines, lines of invisibility(see through the pot), sci-fi inspired designs, etc)
Fine (Royal Doulton inspired art designs)
Substrates (excellent for using with other brushes to create scenes – soil, grass, calm water, wavy water, sand, concrete, steel, etc)
Marine (Nautical and marine inspired designs – waves, ships, anchors, rope lines, flags, various shells, sextant, ocean life)

Gilding (gold leaf, silver leaf, pewter finish, aged bronze, antique copper, polished chrome, bright brass)
Glazes (duplicate all colors but add a higher shine and transparency effect)
Pearlescent (duplicate all colors but add a pearlescent sheen/refraction effect)
Salt Glazed (dull coat, softer looking, muted earthen colours)

Spouts (long slender teapot spouts, short pouring lips, keg spigots, etc)
Concave Inversions (not holes, but shapes/sections that are pushed inwards on the sculpt)
Convex Additions (extra material added to create bumps, ridges, raised fine detail areas)
Footings (Square/octagonal pedestals, 4 short legs, Wavy flanges, etc)
Separate ornaments into categories so that you can add more than one ornament (add a handle, add a lid, add a spout, etc all to the same piece)
Contents (after piece is finished, have it filled with some content (fruit, clear liquid, colored liquid, overflowing with gold coins, plants, rainbows end, etc)

Curators Exhibit (piece inside a large glass topped pedestal, laser sensors in background, ets)
General Store (piece on a wooden shelf for sale with other General Store items)
Courtroom Exhibit ‘A’ (sitting on an oak pedestal with an identification tag and rubber gloves beside it)
En Route (in a dark cargo hold of a ship, sitting in an opened crate, protected with loose straw)
Greenhouse (piece sitting on a 2x4 white wooden shelf in a greenhouse with misty windows and lots of plants in background)
Washed-Up (partially expose/buried on a white sandy beach)
The ‘Chosen One’ (pristine white/pale environment with warm light beaming down from above like a spotlight)
Voyager (floating weightless through eternal space – faint stars and nebulae in background)

• Arrange brush categories alphabetically
• Arrange colors chromatically
• Ability to layer brushes (still see one pattern under another instead of erasing the one below)
• Add a ‘Move’ tool (to adjust a particular brush pattern instead of having to erase it)
• Add a ‘Blend/smudge’ tool (to blend neighboring colors together more naturally)
• Add an ‘Apply Direction’ tool (currently everything happens in the horizontal rows. Want to be able to change to vertical columns (or diagonal??) any coloring, erasing, or brush applications).
• Add a ‘Back’ button to the ‘Finished Look’ screen and to the ‘Sell/Portal/Send Order’ screen.
• Add more pinch-points to the working material (currently there are only 7 horizontal rows that can be pushed/pulled while working the clay – increase to 10 or 12)
• Add sculpting tools (to add light or deep scratches, gouges, or textures)
• Higher quality resolution images uploaded to the Portal
• Rename the ‘Neanderthal’ brush to ‘ancient’.
• Allow for the creation of ‘sets’ (create more than one piece before sharing or selling – ie: cup AND saucer, cream AND sugar bowl, 4-piece matching stemware, etc)

Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:01 pm
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A feature I would really like to see for the portal is the ability to title the pieces one uploads. Even have a short description. Sometimes I want to tell pro what inspired a given piece - say, my poppy or my wine bottle. Not high priority I suppose but would be very nice to have.

Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:51 am
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Keep up the good work.


Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:32 pm
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I really love this game and love being able to post my pots online but am unable to vote or comment. I would love to be able to return the favor and I can see that this is an issue that you guys are aware of. Hopefully this is something you guys are looking to address in the next update.

Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:48 pm
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